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Obituary annnounces new album, Inked In Blood

Official press release: Death metal legends Obituary make their Relapse Records debut with Inked In Blood, their 9th full length LP. Almost three decades in, Inked In Blood stands out as one of the finest moments in Obituary's already godlike discography. Inked in Blood will be released October 28th in North America (UK/World October 27th and Germany/Benelux/Finland on October 24th). Today the artwork and track listing have been revealed. Pre-orders for Inked in Blood will be available soon. Inked In Blood album cover The riffs, groove, snarl and rage are as fierce as ever, putting most all other contemporary death metal bands to shame. Obituary are THE definitive death metal band, and Inked In Blood is an instant classic amongst their already storied catalog. Obituary are both the originators and the torchbearers of the genre! Inked In Blood is the sound of true death metal kings reclaiming their throne! The band is currently wrapping up a festival circuit in Europe and now Obituary have been confirmed as direct support for the upcoming "Death to All" Tour. The tour kicks off November 14th in Los Angeles, CA and runs through December 7th in Miami, FL. Inked in Blood track listing: 01. Centuries of Lies 02. Violent By Nature 03. Pain Inside 04. Visions in my Head 05. Back on Top 06. Violence 07. Inked in Blood 08. Deny You 09. Within a Dying Breed 10. Minds of the World 11. Out of Blood 12. Paralyzed With Fear


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anonymous 8/6/2014 9:55:35 AM

lay waste the poets

anonymous 8/6/2014 11:37:38 AM

These brilliant song titles are far from "recycled". Super excited about the album.

anonymous 8/6/2014 11:49:52 AM

Lol. Came here for the inked in blood band as well.

Mitt__Romney 8/6/2014 1:37:45 PM

Chicks with bushes going all the way up their asscrack are stoked

anonymous 8/6/2014 2:53:32 PM

10/10 album cover

anonymous 8/6/2014 3:08:43 PM

That album art doe

anonymous 8/6/2014 7:09:31 PM

Love how this band did a several thousand dollar kickstarter to release a DIY album....just to go ahead and out it out on Relapse. fck these grandfather metalheads.

anonymous 8/7/2014 10:59:35 AM

^^^^ They publicly stated multiple times that Relapse is doing the distribution and helping with marketing, etc. The band still funded all the recording, production, etc. themselves and are giving all their kickstarter backers what they promised them which actually seems like a pretty smart and cool way to go about releasing an album on their own terms you dumb fck.

anonymous 8/7/2014 8:51:17 PM

Kids who think Obituary is a hardcore band are stoked.

anonymous 8/8/2014 11:46:13 AM

gotta raise funds for a new backdrop

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