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Traitors leave We Are Triumphant Records

Florida metal/hardcore outfit Traitors have announced their departure from label, We Are Triumphant. The band had the following to say:
To all of our fans, we would like to inform you all that we have left We Are Triumphant Records. We feel that it is in the best interest of Traitors to pursue other opportunities. That being said, new tour dates, new song, and other big news coming next week!
In response, We Are Triumphant has issued this statement:
"When you start to work with a band literally from their first single you become very close with the individuals that make up that band. Over the last six months you may have noticed we've been pushing Traitors very heavily to help them get to where they are today. They recently have left the label to pursue other opportunities in a amicable fashion. "We let them go as it is not in our interest to hold any of our artists back however it does discourage us to lose a member of the herd we put so much effort into developing from the bottom up. We are excited to see what they do with their future now that they are so strongly standing on their own two feet. At the end of the day it's strictly business and not personal but you can't help but feel disappointed that you won't be able to share in the future of an artist you spent half a year on. It's always been a reality that bands will come and go and friendships don't equate to business. We will continue growing, bringing new artists, establishing, and enjoying our releases with all of you in the same manner as we always have. "We pick up new artists and turn them into something that is our thing. We don't rely on already established bands. You can always expect more from our camp and as we continue to grow with all of you we make steps every day to being a dominant force in the industry. "A lot of people see us as a gateway or a lillypad to bigger labels and we are okay with that because we are still making our way up the food chain and I think we've done a pretty amazing job so far. When you take bands that no one has heard of and in a year period make them front runners for labels who have been around for decades then we've done our job and this is not the first time. "With that being said, we've got 3 unannounced artists right now that are going to completely blow you away. As well as announcements for follow ups from our current roster. Thank you for sticking with us, supporting our artists, and just in general being a group of bad asses."

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