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Lazer/Wulf to release album in July

Official press release: Lazer/Wulf, the Georgia-based instrumental trio whose music Creative Loafing said "echoes the best math, metal, and prog rock craftsmanship of the last decade," release their highly-anticipated debut album The Beast of Left and Right on July 15 via Retro Futurist Records. "Coming from Athens, GA, a place where every possible genre of music thrives, but it's not just that. They all co-exist. Everyone's a cross-over artist to varying degrees, because everyone knows each other, shares bills, passes notes. So it wasn't enough for us that we were just a "metal band" in that community; we were encouraged to be bigger than that," explains Lazer/Wulf guitar player Bryan Aiken. "And it works both ways; we were exposed to the most experimental versions of folk, rap, electronica, classical quartets, math-rock... so the rules just flew out the window. Except the golden rule, which is never to be predictable." The Beast of Left and Right was recorded at Jam Room Studios in Columbia, SC and produced by Kylesa's Phillip Cope, who also is one of the Retro Futurist Records' label owners.

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