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Periphery vocalist explains From First To Last gig

Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo has issued a statement explaining the details of his addition to From First To Last, as well as his commitment to Periphery. Here you go:
"There has been a lot of speculation regarding the recent announcement of my involvement with From First To Last. I would like to make it clear that I wanted to join them in creating an EP for fun. I met the guys at Taylor Larson's studio while recording personal music around the same time the band was in the studio. We got along really well and decided it would be fun to work on something together, which lead to me doing vocals on their EP. I'm really honored to work with From First To Last and be a part of this EP as something I'm doing on the side while Periphery is writing. However this, in no way, affects my commitment and position in Periphery or any of our new material. Periphery has and will always be my main focus. I'm really excited to have this time and make music with Periphery and From First To Last. Thanks to everyone who has showed me their support. Love you guys!"

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