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Sworn In's trailer struck by uninsured driver

Earlier today Sworn In had the unpleasant experience of being struck by an uninsured driver. Fortunately, the band's trailer was hit, as opposed to their van, and following some modest repairs the band will be on their way. Here's the official word:
"This morning we pleasantly woke up to an uninsured driver on probation that crashed into our parked trailer and took out the complete left side. Some of us were in the van while it happened, but are all okay. Our gear luckily did not suffer damage. We are currently replacing the entire axle, wheel, and repairing the trailer. "Due to the woman having NO insurance whatsoever, we had to pay for the fix all ourselves. But the good news is it will be done today and we will be continuing the entire tour and not missing a show at all due to this. "We want to give a big thank you to Sam Walker who came to the show last night and donated us some money earlier today to help with the repairs. It humbles us to have such genuine care from certain listeners. "All in all just another speed bump. See you tomorrow San Antonio, TX."

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