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Today Is The Day prepares new album

Official press release: Visionary metal act, Today Is The Day, has confirmed a new lineup, as two new trusted assassins have been engaged to forge the band's tenth studio full-length, which is fully written and already coming to fruition. Now joining Today Is The Day's founding guitarist/vocalist, Steve Austin, Jeff Lohrber is laying down this album's percussive attack. Formerly also a touring drummer for Trap Them, Shai Hulud and Dead To Fall, in addition to providing vocals/guitar for Harlots, Lohrber currently pummels society as lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and recording drummer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Enabler. Sean Conkling has been inducted to handle bass guitar. Conkling has supplied bass, vocals and countless other musical/engineering contributions to a plethora of acts including Jermflux, Regression, Nobody, Burn Your Halo, Sidra, Sprawl and others, and since 2005 has been an engineer at Burning Blade Studio in Tempe, Arizona. The band is excited to announce this decimating and creative new lineup and sick record, which is already well under way and near completion. In Early December 2013, the band entered Steve Austin's Studio, Austin Enterprise Recording and Mastering in Maine. Steve has produced almost all of the TITD records and groundbreaking albums for Lamb Of God, Converge, Deadguy, From Ashes Rise, Anal Cunt, and many others. This new opus in the mesmerizing Today Is The Daylineage coming together over the months ahead is a fifteen-song rampage of bloody carnage fueled by hate, love and vile, raw emotion. States Austin of the process, and on the energy channeling through the new album. "I am super excited about this new album. I feel it is my finest work to this date. It is the most complex and HEAVY metal/noise record we have ever made. This is real. We got together and wrote these songs. No bullshit Protools crap; just pure violent energy and real band songwriting in the middle of the woods in Maine. I would say it lies somewhere between Temple of The Morning Star and In The Eyes of God, and Jeff's playing is beyond incredible. I was determined to push the limits in complexity, musicianship, and creativity as far as we could and I feel we have put together a record that narrates the horror and pain that we have been living through." Further transmissions on Today Is The Day's abhorrent reign will continue in the weeks ahead, both as the tenth album's studio progress continues and then on the streets, as 2014 tour actions are also in the works.

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