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Tim Lambesis makes court appearance; trial delayed

As scheduled, As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis was in a Southern California courtroom this morning for a readiness conference related the State's case against him for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill his wife. Today's hearing was slated to be a "readiness conference," an appearance at which all parties determine whether the case can be disposed of without trial. According to Lambgoat's courtroom mole, however, such a discussion did not end up taking place today. Although Lambesis was present (accompanied by his parents and attorney Tom Warwick), he was not called forward, and the bailiff subsequently announced that further proceedings have been delayed until February 6th. Notably, there was also a hearing today to review Meggan Lambesis's restraining order against her estranged husband, and we believe that the order was renewed, though we don't have official confirmation as of yet. We'll update you with any relevant information as it comes in.
UPDATE: Plea deal in the works?
Prosecutor Claudia Grasso subsequently revealed to Lambgoat's contact that criminal proceedings have been delayed "for further negotiations." Grasso confirmed that the next date as February 6. From all angles, it almost certainly appears that Tim Lambesis is attempting to work out a plea deal with the prosecution. Stay tuned.

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