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Capture The Crown crowdfunding new EP

Official press release: Following the success of their debut album 'Til Death and a year of relentless touring, Capture The Crown is ready to release new material for their fans. The band has been hard at work on the EP All Hype All Night, creating some of their best material to date. However, due to creative differences, Capture The Crown will be releasing the EP without the support of a record label. Seeing this as an opportunity to engage and involve their fans directly the band is offering unique perks and once in a lifetime opportunities for those who contribute to the release of All Hype All Night at any level via Indiegogo. "You guys [the fans] are the reason we've made it this far! We love you all and we want to prove that to you by giving you the music you want and deserve. You can expect this to be the best music we've ever released! We are the ones deciding how this EP is written, produced and most importantly how it's delivered to you! Expect a side of CTC that you've never seen before," says lead guitarist Jye Menzies. Singer Jeffrey Wellfare adds, "Thank you so much for your endless dedication and support. We will not roll over, we will not die, we will not go away, this is just the beginning of a bigger, better, and louder Capture The Crown! We are now in control of what we give to our fans. We wrote this EP for you!" Offered are a variety of perks for contributors ranging anywhere from digital delivery of the album 24 hours prior to release, instruments used by the band, and even the chance of having your name and/or face tattooed on singer Jeffrey Wellfares' body. Contribute to the release of "All Hype All Night" EP

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