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Sworn In drops off Bleeding Through tour

Sworn In has dropped off the remainder of their current tour with Bleeding Through due to problems with their touring vehicle. Here's the official word:
UNFORTUNATE NEWS. Many of you have been keeping in touch with us about our van situation since our transmission completely broke on Friday and was rendered impossible to drive. Breaking down on a weekend, the shop wouldn't be able to have people work on our van til Monday. Every day we would check in and even yesterday til the late afternoon they were waiting for the parts to come in to replace our transmission with a brand new one. While we were happy to have our van fixed and able to drive again, we were left with close to no money to even eat for the days we were stranded, a tour that was 17+ hours away from us (to make the next date overnight), and little to no Merch to even sell for the rest of the tour. We looked into getting a drop shipment for today but literally could not afford the expedited shipping on top of the gas for the drive. Thus, we had to make the grueling decision at this point to either try to finish the tour without sufficient funds, or drive the shorter route home to recoup and raise the money to be able to start off our tour with Within The Ruins next Friday in NY. We wish we could say otherwise, but we chose the second option. You all very well know Sworn In isn't the type of band to give up when things go wrong. From when our van/trailer got impounded on the FTFD tour in May and we still completed the tour, to driving from North Dakota to California when all our shows in between got cancelled on our first tour ever, our utmost priority has always been to commit to our passion, job, and most importantly listeners. But this was the one time where it just wasn't possible in a world ruled by money. We aren't asking for your forgiveness or looking for a way out of the blame, but we want you all to know that we will be hitting many of the areas we are currently unable to on our tour with This Or The Apocalypse in January. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and New Mexico you have our absolute word we are either already booked in your area again in Jan, or will be being booked there early 2014. It has truly been an honor to have been on the road with a band who influenced the entire metal genre long before we were even teenagers, especially on their last tour ever. Every night we have played till this point we have been blessed to play for the people we have and to share the stage with Bleeding Through. Thus, even though we will be unable to continue the last 4 shows of the tour, we urge you to pay your utmost respects to the tour package lineup and make it to the shows you were planning to see us at. We are sure it'd mean the world to Bleeding Through for each and every one of you to see them for the last time ever in your area. We will never give up in spite of all the shitty things that happen to us, and we will be back on the road again the 29th. If you were planning to catch us in January since we cannot make the shows this month, a link will be provided and if you can't find anything close to you please send us a message and let us know. We have had many people asking us if we have a donation system to help recover from the bill to repair the van, but we are in the works of putting up a van benefit shirt if you are with us and support our cause/understand our situation. Updates will be given on the benefit shirts as they come along. There's not much left we can say, but we only hope you find it in your hearts to understand our situation and wait for us a little longer in your area. We will be back on our feet ASAP as always. Thank you for your unwavering support over time, it never goes unnoticed.

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