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Tim Lambesis appears in court for arraignment

Tim Lambesis in court
Tim Lambesis in court on November 13, 2013 As scheduled, embattled As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis appeared in a Vista, CA courtroom today for an arraignment hearing. Lambgoat had someone in the courtroom today and the hearing, which began at roughly 8:56 AM PST, was extremely brief, lasting roughly one minute. Lambesis appeared (in blue shirt with hair tied back) with defense attorney Thomas Warwick and was accompanied by (we believe) his mother. Lambesis pleaded "not guilty" to one felony charge of solicitation of murder and a January 15 date was set for a readiness conference. At a readiness conference, sometimes known as a pre-trial conference, the defense counsel and prosecutor will further discuss the case. The two parties can agree to resolve the case, however, if no agreement is reached, the case will proceed to trial. A tentative March 11 date was mentioned for the start of the actual trial. Most likely though, the March date will likely be pushed back. Speculation amongst those familiar with the situation is that a plea deal may be reached. It appears that Warwick's most promising line of defense is the effect that steroids had on Tim Lambesis's judgment, and that angle, along with suggested impropriety on the part of law enforcement, will serve to bolster Warwick's push for a bargain. It should be noted that bond arrangements are per annum, meaning that if his trial lasts through next May, Lambesis may need to come up with another $160,000 to remain free on bail. Tim Lambesis in court

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