NewsJanuary 13, 2003 10:59 PM ET3,538 views

Black Cross name, deal w/ EVR now official

After many months of attempting to resolve issues with their name, Black Widows has officially changed their name to Black Cross. There are currently several bands with the name Black Widows, including an English band formed decades ago, and a band from Queens, NY that actually applied for the Black Widows trademark, so continuing to utilize the old name would have most likely caused problems in the future. As for the new name, here's what the band has to say: "We have changed the name to Black Cross. We mean no reference to the song by Bob Dylan, the Anarchist collective, the speed pills, or to any religious indetifications with the word 'cross.' Just a name, plain and simple." Now that the name issue has been resolved, the fact that the group recently signed with Equal Vision Records (original info here) has been made official as well. The band's debut full-length, "Art Offensive," was recorded with J. Robbins in December and will be released in April via EVR.

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