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Tim Lambesis gets "therapy" house arrest exception

As you may recall, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was in court last week for a motion hearing. Apparently, Lambesis's attorney, Thomas Warwick Jr., was seeking the court's permission for Lambesis, who is currently under house arrest, to visit a physical therapist. Warwick stated, "Defendant Timothy Lambesis is currently on house arrest and due to the restrictions of his release cannot leave the house to seek medical attention for the neck injury from which he is currently suffering." According to the San Diego Reader, Superior Court Judge Kimberlee Lagotta signed an order on August 2nd allowing the "defendant to go to his physical therapy appointments." Specifically, Lambesis now has permission to visit a therapist named Lanele Stafford at Coast Kinesiology in Del Mar, CA. Additionally, the court will also allow Lambesis to go to an orthopedic group in La Jolla, CA. In case you've been residing under a rock, Lambesis is accused of attempting to hire a hit man to murder his estranged wife. He is next due in court on September 16 for a preliminary hearing, during which prosecutor Claudia Grasso is expected provide enough evidence to convince a judge to order the case to trial.

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