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Tim Lambesis' bail lowered; steroids blamed

As expected, a new bail hearing was held for imprisoned As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis today in San Diego. His defense team sought to have the $3 million bail amount reduced, and was apparently successful, though only moderately, as the amount was reduced to $2 million - which his lawyer states Lambesis still cannot afford. Interestingly, initial reports indicate that during the hearing Lambesis' defense team blamed the plot on the steroids he uses as part of his weight-lifting regimen. Lambesis is also apparently suffering from steroid withdrawl in prison. We'll keep you posted as more information comes in. UPDATE #1 According to, defense lawyer, Thomas Warwick, stated that Lambesis' "thought processes were devastatingly affected by his steroid use." Additionally, prosecutor Claudia Grasso said that Lambesis "did not flinch" when informed that the hit on his wife would cost $20,000. "He was very will to pay that," she said. UPDATE #2 A report on the hearing from NBC's San Diego affiliate provided more details on the transformation of Lambesis, seemingly from a student of religion, to a godless weightlifter:
Lambesis' attorney, Tom Warwick, revealed more details about the singer's past and his recent trouble with steroids in court on Friday. Warwick said Lambesis was voted "Most Like Jesus" by classmates when he attended Santa Fe Christian High School as a teen. He was a religious studies major in college and "desperately loves his children," according to his lawyer. Warwick said Lambesis' troubles began when he got into bodybuilding and "gym culture." The frontman started taking supplements, then steroids, that led to what Warwick referred to as "changes in his physiological and mental status." He went from 170 to 220-pounds and in his attorney's words, "Was not the same person. He was irritable and lost God." A forensic psychiatrist who consulted with the defense said Lambesis got "roid rage" after using steroids. His attorney said Lambesis is now off steroids, going through withdrawal, and in total isolation in jail for protection from other inmates. He's also getting personal counseling from a jail chaplain. "It has been a terrible tragedy," Warwick said in court while arguing for lower bail. "He was a very caring, gentle man [before taking steroids] and we need to get him back."
UPDATE #3 CBS8's video report on the hearing can be viewed below:

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