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I Am Abomination: we are still a band

Detroit, MI band I Am Abomination has issued a statement addressing their status as a band, in addition to orders for their most recent release that have yet to be fulfilled. Here you go:
Hey everyone. Just to let you know we are not dead. Things have been a little crazy recording the new Attack Attack! album but its time to clear some things up. #1 and most Important. I Am Abomination is not over, the band is still going to continue forth and we are already discussing future plans. Nick has a very busy schedule with his producing career, and Phil has a very large commitment with Attack. But this is our passion and love. It always has been and it always will be. I Am Abomination is not over, not by a long shot. #2 the CD's. This whole situation has been screwed up and we are trying our best to make things right. We have been doing everything in our power to try to get things right so you can get our music that you paid for, but things are so not in our hands. What we do know is that the CD's are all pressed and should be shipping if not already shipped. On top of that everyone who ordered a CD that didn't receive it in a timely manner will be getting a free shirt for putting up with this delay. You will get an email from Merch Now asking for your shirt size. Please respond to this email or you wont get it. Not sure if a free shirt will buy your understanding but we hope its a start. Thanks for listening, more music coming in the future. More awesome stuff coming soon.

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