NewsFebruary 8, 2013 10:24 AM ET5,204 views

Monuments singer in Superbowl "shocker" commercial

Official press release: During last week's Superbowl, the biggest event in the American entertainment calendar, Matt Rose, vocalist with UK tech metallers Monuments (Century Media), took a break from the band's busy touring schedule to add his vocal prowess to the EDM inspired track, "Running All My Life" by Walking Def. The track appeared in an advert for GoPro, in one of the most fiercely fought over commercial slots of the year. Matt's vocals, which accompany a video on the apparent merits of a new sport known as "baby tossing," were estimated to reach a potential audience of 108.4 million during the peak commercial time slot. Since game day, the video has received over half a million hits on Youtube, with many thinking that the only way this commercial could have been any better would have been the addition of a Gangham Style dancing kitten. Watch the commercial here:

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