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Gorguts sign with Season of Mist

Official press release: Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of influential death metal pioneers Gorguts. The legendary, trail-blazing band is currently recording their Season of Mist debut for an imminent release. Regarding the signing and new album, founding member Luc Lemay said:
"It's with so much joy and happiness that I write these lines to you. The past 2 years haven't always been smooth sailing regarding this last record. A lot of legal, important factors, far from music composition have held this project in standby, but finally that's all behind us now. The least I can say is that I cannot wait to share these last compositions with each of you. "Everything from writing these new songs, traveling to NYC for rehearsals developing a new friendship with John, Kevin and Colin, three of the most talented people I ever jammed with…everything from this project was beyond stimulating artistically. "From this experience was born a new Gorguts record, a concept record which is going to last over an hour. An hour of epic, ambient, dark music which doesn't compromise its Death Metal roots. As a composer, by exploring different kind of music, it was always my goal to integrate the same writing tools in Death Metal as if I would be writing a piece of chamber music for instance. "Well, I'm really eager to share this new record with you! All I can say is that the wait is over and that 2013 will be a great year for Gorguts. Thanks to each of you for your endless support since the very beginning and your endless patience for this record to be released! Without you none of this would be possible."

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