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Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup finalized

The complete lineup has been announced for Maryland Deathfest 2013 (MDF XI). As previously noted, the event will take place May 23-26 in Baltimore, MD at the former Sonar venue in addition to a second inside stage at Baltimore Soundstage, less than a mile away from Sonar. Notable additions include Down, Converge, and the Melvins. Here's the lineup: Former Sonar compound: !T.O.O.H.! (Czech Republic) ABIGAIL (Japan) AHUMADO GRANUJO (Czech Republic) AMBASSADOR GUN ANHEDONIST ANTAEUS (France) AOSOTH (France) ASCENSION (Germany) ASTHMA CASTLE BENEDICTION (UK) BOLT THROWER (UK) BROKEN HOPE CARCASS (UK) CARPATHIAN FOREST (Norway) COBALT CONVULSE (Finland) CRUCIAMENTUM (UK) DEIPHAGO (Philippines/Costa Rica) DOWN EVOKEN EXODUS GLORIOR BELLI (France) GRIDE (Czech Republic) IHSAHN (Norway) INGROWING (Czech Republic) INIQUITY (Denmark) INTEGRITY KOMMANDANT LOSS MANILLA ROAD (the) MELVINS MIDNIGHT MORGION NECROPSY THE OBSESSED PAGAN ALTAR (UK) PELICAN PENTAGRAM PIG DESTROYER REPULSION REVENGE (Canada) RIGHTEOUS PIGS SLEEP SPEEDWOLF UFOMAMMUT (Italy) VENOM (UK) VINTERLAND (Sweden) WEEDEATER Baltimore Soundstage: CITIZENS ARREST CONVERGE DISCIPLES OF CHRIST EDDIE BROCK FEASTEM (Finland) FULL OF HELL GEHENNA HEARTLESS HELLSHOCK ILSA INFEST IRON LUNG KROMOSOM (Australia) LIKE RATS MAGRUDERGRIND MASSGRAV (Sweden) OLD LINES ROTTEN SOUND (Finland) SETE STAR SEPT (Japan) TINNER (Finland) TRAGEDY VITAMIN X (Netherlands) WAKE WEEKEND NACHOS

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