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Decrepit Birth robbed in San Francisco

Just a few days after their touring van caught fire and had to be replaced temporarily with a rental van, Decrepit Birth had said rental van broken into. The band's cash, laptops, phones, passports, and IDs were stolen. As a result, the group has dropped off their current tour with Obituary et al. Here's the official word:
"More bad energy has come to us in the form of a theft last night night in San Francisco. Our rental van had the side window broken out and all of our personal bags with cash, laptop computers, cell phones, passports, and id's were stolen. This was a major blow to go along with our van catching on fire in Canada and having to leave it there to be junked. At this point we will have to regretfully drop from the last few days of tour. The costs are overwhelming at this point, and to continue on would dig an even deeper hole of debt for the band, which we can't afford. We had a great time touring with our brothers in Obituary, Broken Hope, Jungle Rot, and Encrust. These bands we're beyond awesome to us during the past week of issues we've gone through. Thanks to all the fans for coming out and making this such a great tour aside from the bullshit. We gave it our all every night for you, our fans. We're down but not out.... "If you feel like donating to our new van fund, you can send your donation via Paypal to We really appreciate that our fans have reached out to us and offered to help, you guys are the best!

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