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Touche Amore, Casket Lottery split EP announced

Official press release: No Sleep Records has announced plans to release a limited edition Touche Amore/The Casket Lottery split vinyl 7" on October 2. Stay tuned to for upcoming pre-sale information. The forthcoming split EP will feature one new song and one cover song from each band, with LA's Touche Amore having their way with The Replacements' "Unsatisfied" and Kansas City's The Casket Lottery taking a turn with Beach House's "Myth." "This is a big win for TA," says Touche Amore frontman Jeremy Bolm. "We met Nathan and Junior when we toured alongside Coalesce in 2010 and had gushed to them our love for The Casket Lottery. Their album Survival is for Cowards was produced by Ed Rose (who produced Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Meas well as the rest of the CL catalog) and served as the focal point for the sound we wanted to achieve. This being their first release since 2003, we are very honored to be apart of it." "We're excited to be on the flip side of the 7" with TA," adds Nathan Ellis of The Casket Lottery. "I like the idea of a hardcore band with passion, ethics and a good head on its shoulders existing in the music scene today. For awhile it seemed like bands like this had gone the way of the buffalo, but i think TA are leading the pack in the resurgence of bands that introduced me to life outside of mainstream music."

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