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Winds of Plague recording new album

Los Angeles, CA band Winds of Plague will enter the studio today to begin tracking their next album. The effort will be produced by Will Putney (Suicide SIlence) and is expected to hit streets late this year via Century Media Records.


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anonymous 7/2/2012 8:12:30 AM


anonymous 7/2/2012 8:13:30 AM

Metalcore..... hanging on as long as it can

LLSSPoet 7/2/2012 8:17:01 AM

Winds of Plague is not metalcore.

f28r06a42n12k 7/2/2012 8:17:01 AM

No care ever

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:33:24 AM

gonna suck hard.

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:36:19 AM

Symphonic Wiggercore

fourthgradecocktease 7/2/2012 8:36:21 AM

cool generic comment frank, I'll chalk that one up there with "first" and "vanflip"

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:37:37 AM

Nick T. STFU! You have terrible taste in music! Your metal shit is so fcking annoying!

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:47:12 AM

Naysayer is such a badass band.

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:54:19 AM

????? WHITE POWER ????? ????? WHITE POWER ????? ????? WHITE POWER ????? ????? WHITE POWER ????? ????? WHITE POWER ?????

cgrind3000 7/2/2012 9:20:07 AM

No care, but eagerly awaiting pics of their keyboardist's t-ts.

anonymous 7/2/2012 9:50:40 AM

^this guy knows whats up.

anonymous 7/2/2012 10:46:06 AM

Blast beats with "dark" synth, cheap breakdowns and lyrics about hating your enemies - AKA people who appreciate good music.

ineedsalt 7/2/2012 10:51:56 AM

anonymous2 hours ago Symphonic Wiggercore lol its like bleeding through with terror's lyrics. that is like a man fcking a bulldog and making a mutant baby. twice

anonymous 7/2/2012 11:14:35 AM

LLSSPoet2 hours ago Winds of Plague is not metalcore. Shut up gay. Your band is even worse.

anonymous 7/2/2012 11:20:16 AM

horrible horrible news. and is it just me or is ineedsalt becoming less funny with every post? im disappointed

anonymous 7/2/2012 11:40:44 AM

New bong > new winds of plague cd.

anonymous 7/2/2012 11:56:18 AM

Winds of plague has a great sound but their lyrics for the most part are terrible. Tehir best shit is whaen they are talking about samurais and shit like that. And their lead singer acts like a self righteous idiot in interviews. Bitching about his ex keyboardist showing her t-ts and whatnot? who fcking cares ya fcking tyrant? it's her life!

Smammered 7/2/2012 12:06:47 PM

I am sure kids with zero gauges and b-ball shorts are stoked.

anonymous 7/2/2012 12:28:13 PM

Westboro baptist church is all over this

anonymous 7/2/2012 12:41:48 PM

John Cena is stoked.

anonymous 7/2/2012 12:50:21 PM

where's the "this will be our most brutal so far" comment from a band member in the press release?

anonymous 7/2/2012 1:14:43 PM

in b4 "taking a more mature direction"

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:08:15 PM

I.want to smell there keyboardists crease, I bet it taste even better. Mmmmmm, man.....I want that.

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:09:53 PM

Eazy-E > Tupac.

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:22:09 PM

^ Stray from the path over both of them sages.

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:25:41 PM

^there keyboardists crease over that. Bet it's all clean and slimy. Yummy

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:26:57 PM

I want that keyboardists to sit on my face and fart

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:28:34 PM

I'd like to stick that keyboard up her crease and lick all the juice off

anonymous 7/2/2012 2:34:05 PM

Can she queef on my face and slurp all the c-m off my dick to snowball with me. Like right now

anonymous 7/2/2012 3:30:08 PM

I want to chop off her cl*t, tie it to a string and hang it from my review mirror

anonymous 7/2/2012 4:26:40 PM

I want to slice her t-ts off and hang them above my fire place

anonymous 7/2/2012 4:28:25 PM

I want to skin her and turn her into a carpet.

anonymous 7/2/2012 4:57:41 PM

I want to cut every mole and freckle off of her and make a connect the dots and put right by bed

dave37 7/2/2012 7:07:52 PM

damn. this band needs to give up almost as much as buddha needs to find girls his own age.

anonymous 7/2/2012 7:35:40 PM

...'is expected to hit streets late this year' more like 'guaranteed to hit bargain bins upon release'

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:14:15 PM

fck this band

anonymous 7/2/2012 8:34:10 PM

"Winds of Plague recording Same Album for a 4th time" should have been the title

anonymous 7/2/2012 9:18:28 PM

Will Putney is a genius but i dont know if even he can make Winds of Plague sound good..

truthstar 7/2/2012 11:17:33 PM

I bet you make Mom and Dad proud making money off 14 year old kids.

TheLoudestGuyInTheRoom 7/3/2012 2:54:42 AM

I saw WoP back when they had was painfully obvious that they played with a keyboard backing track. She did a good job shaking her t-ts around and looking good though

anonymous 7/3/2012 2:57:13 AM

'Expected to hit the streets' - are they going to throw the CDs out of a helicopter or something?

anonymous 7/3/2012 8:10:50 AM

band kinda sucks but I masturbated to the bitches nudes a few timess

anonymous 7/3/2012 10:39:49 AM

I would rather be spoon fed R. Kelly's doodoo butter by my dead grandma than listen to this

anonymous 7/3/2012 1:43:17 PM

This band should have thrown in the towel when they thought of being a band.

anonymous 7/3/2012 2:03:36 PM

Hope the winds of plague will cause a vanflip

stevenglasl 7/4/2012 9:21:13 AM


anonymous 7/4/2012 12:20:35 PM


anonymous 7/4/2012 5:49:56 PM

Their singer brings the level of cringe inducing doucheness too an all new high with every album

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