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Enabler album set for release

Official press release: The details on the anticipated new album from Milwaukee-based extreme hardcore/metal crossover killers Enabler are in. The band's first release for Southern Lord Recordings, All Hail the Void is at the pressing plant being prepared for a July 17th North American street date. Coalescing energetic and dynamic elements of hardcore, punk, crust and death metal into their own brutal brew, Enabler have amassed a fanatical fanbase through last year's Year One CD, multiple EP's and split releases with Drainland, Ambassador Gun and Yautja and more over the last few years, not to mention the countless regional live shows, tours and festival appearances. Recorded and engineered by guitarist Greg Thomas, All Hail the Void surges with the most enraged talent from this destructive outfit to date, unwavering in its 35-minute rampage. The album's original artwork and layout was commissioned to be handled by Jimpaler, who has handled similar duties for several previous Enabler releases. All Hail The Void track listing: 01. F.A.T.H. 02. The Heathens 03. Speechless 04. Fuck Today 05. False Profit 06. All Hail The Void 07. True Love 08. They Live, We Sleep 09. No Deliverance 10. Save Yourself 11. Trust

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