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Pantera bassist owes $450K in taxes, penalties

USA Today reports that former Pantera (and Down) bassist Rex Brown owes $449,567 to the United States government in back taxes and penalties. USA Today had the following to say: "Brown owes $449,567 to the federal government in back taxes and penalties, according to five tax liens filed by the Internal Revenue Service. The most recent and largest lien, for $210,157, was filed in his home state of Texas in January. Other liens were addressed to a Los Angeles accounting firm that handles entertainers. A sixth lien for $72,695 was released by the IRS in 2008, a sign those back taxes were paid." Although Pantera had several platinum albums and surely still generates income for Brown, we'd be shocked if he has enough money to cover these debts outright. As is nearly always the case under these circumstances, Brown will work out some sort of payment plan that requires he pay considerably less than the aforementioned total. If Brown fails to reach such an agreement, USA Today states that "the federal government can seize Brown's share of Pantera's revenue, including royalties from his shared record and songwriting credits." Brown has yet to publicly address the matter.

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