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Southern Lord announces summer package tour

Official press release: Southern Lord this week confirms a devastating label tour package for this June and July, bringing some of the label's newest and most promising acts as well as some major players on the eclectic but lethal roster together for a near month-long trek across the face of America. Organized and booked by Southern Lord founder Greg Anderson, the core acts for the tour include the Ontario-based hardcore/rock outfit Burning Love (featuring ex-Cursed vocalist), the dark lords of Swedish crust Martyrdod making their debut U.S. appearance, Milwaukee's punk/hardcore crossover outfit Enabler and Seattle's powerhouse d-beat/death-infused hardcore bastards Black Breath. Special additional performances from Poison Idea, Noothgrush, Pelican, Powertrip, Wild/Tribe, Dead In The Dirt, The Secret, All Pigs Must Dies and more will join some of the shows regionally as well. The final routing is still being plotted and finalized, and a fully confirmed itinerary will be publicized in the next two weeks as it all takes shape.

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