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For The Fallen Dreams bashes video director

For The Fallen Dreams isn't too pleased with director Sam Link of Collapse Studios (Collapse has done work for Sleeping With Sirens, Jamie's Elsewhere, and Tides of Man, among many others). Link directed the band's video for "Let Go," which the group says they originally rejected. FTFD is now claiming that Link leaked the video, with guitarist Jim Hocking stating, "If anyone has see seen my band's music video for 'Let Go,' I apologize for that piece of dog shit. The lazy, unprofessional 'director,' Sam Link decided to leak the video after we rejected it and now it is beginning to circulate." For The Fallen Dreams' Jim Hocking calls out director Sam Link Shortly thereafter, Hocking added the following: "It's being taken down ASAP. Fuck that fat, pretentious little turd... He thinks he is THE SHIT, but he IS SHIT... It looks like a garage band of 12 year old did a video with a point-and-shoot digital camera, in their parents' garage... It's just frustrating. The video was nowhere near quality and it was leaked for bullshit reasons. We would have rather not released a video than have that trash. For now, the video can be seen below:

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