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Rise Against, A Day To Remember, Title Fight tour

The second leg of Rise Against's North American tour with A Day To Remember has been announced. Title Fight will be providing direct support. Here's the schedule: 4/15 San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena 4/16 Bakersfield, CA @ Rabo Bank Arena 4/17 San Jose, CA @ SJSU Events Center 4/19 Kent, WA @ ShoWare Center 4/20 Boise, ID @ Century Link Arena 4/21 Salt Lake City, UT @ Saltair Pavillion 4/23 Rio Rancho, NM @ Santa Ana Star Center 4/26 Pelham, AL @ Verizon Wireless Music Center 4/27 St. Augustine, FL @ St. Augustine Amphitheater 4/28 Boca Raton, FL @ Sunset Cove Ampitheater 4/30 Tampa, FL @ Green Iguana Stadium 5/1 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade 5/2 Charlotte, NC @ Time Warner Cable Uptown 5/4 Indianapolis, IN @ The Lawn at Riverbend Music 5/5 Cincinnati, OH @ PNC Pavilion At Riverbend Music 5/6 Pittsburgh, PA @ Tribune Total Media Amphitheater 5/6 Pittsburgh, PA @ Trib Total Media Amphitheatre 5/8 Syracuse, NY @ New York State Fair 5/10 Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre


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iwilladapt 1/9/2012 3:36:52 PM

well this sounds awful

anonymous 1/9/2012 3:50:54 PM

i love title fight, hate ADTR and the 8th grader in me loves rise against, what the fck do i do?

poo_butt_goblin 1/9/2012 4:01:23 PM

and middleschools everywhere were stoked

anonymous 1/9/2012 4:38:17 PM

Talk about a shitty lineup.

anonymous 1/9/2012 4:38:46 PM

Place is going to be filled with emos and bros.

LoydChristmas 1/9/2012 4:41:58 PM

Dodgeson...DODGESON...WE'V E GOT DODGESON HERE!.........see? No care ever.

anonymous 1/9/2012 5:24:50 PM

Why arent ADTR headlining over Rise Against? Arent they bigger?

anonymous 1/9/2012 6:15:49 PM

A Day To Remember: Cory Brandan and Victory owe us money.

anonymous 1/9/2012 8:17:04 PM

If this came to Nashville, I'd actually go. I love Title Fight, and I still have a soft spot for Rise Against. fck ADTR. Here's an idea: ADTR, Blink 182, and Family Force Five. The Drive Off A Cliff Tour. Guess what they do at the end?

anonymous 1/9/2012 9:07:48 PM


jimmydeanbreakfast 1/9/2012 9:15:23 PM

Fight me at the Calgary date

anonymous 1/9/2012 9:27:55 PM

^will do and revenge the americans that have been robbed by poor bum ass canadains.

therearetoomanybands 1/10/2012 5:17:32 AM

Bullshit gets up and walks around.

anonymous 1/10/2012 7:49:30 AM

cool line up , adtr van flip pls

anonymous 1/10/2012 7:54:47 AM

only going for title fight.

Colossus 1/10/2012 9:10:03 AM

I agree with anon, ADTR should be opening for Blink 182.

anonymous 1/10/2012 9:22:41 AM

A Day To Remember is the wost band ever. This tour suck more dck the Frankie from Emmure. Dont care wat anyone thinks. If your still reading my comment go die. Skeet skeet water gun

ineedsalt 1/10/2012 9:25:47 AM

^ dumb. puberty is stoked

aarondfw12 1/10/2012 9:38:34 AM

No Dallas?

anonymous 1/10/2012 9:53:03 AM

Ineedsalt is stoked for Bamboozle gay

anonymous 1/10/2012 10:09:05 AM

I bet ineedsalt got dubstep on his mini ipod because he cant afford the bigger ipod. Lol

FrankiePalmeri 1/10/2012 1:34:45 PM

anonymous "A Day To Remember is the wost band ever. This tour suck more dck the Frankie from Emmure. Dont care wat anyone thinks. If your still reading my comment go die. Skeet skeet water gun" Come at me bro.

anonymous 1/10/2012 2:55:21 PM

I wonder if these dudes run through groupies backstage, motley crue style. it's a arena tour and all.

anonymous 1/10/2012 6:21:58 PM

anonymous:"Why arent ADTR headlining over Rise Against? Arent they bigger?" are you honestly that fcking stupid?

anonymous 1/11/2012 12:51:26 AM

ADTR is a fcking toilet.

anonymous 1/11/2012 3:15:12 AM

adtr will "swing life away" on this tour. impending doom is stoked.

anonymous 1/11/2012 4:43:06 PM


anonymous 1/12/2012 6:28:30 AM

Hey Frankie i would only c-m on your face. Ask your girl what my dck tastes like.

therearetoomanybands 1/13/2012 12:53:54 PM

lol @ playing at NY State Fair. Have fun playing the night after Rascal Flatts to about 200 fat hicks.

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