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Oceano frontman leaves band

As you may recall, a few weeks ago we posted something about Chicago deathcore outfit Oceano supposedly breaking up. Well, those rumors may have been correct, or least partially correct. It seems that Oceano vocalist Adam Warren quit the band not too long ago. Warren posted the following this evening relative to Killswitch Engage and singer Howard Jones parting ways:
"I'm shocked, but well... If Killswitch can go on after 9 years and 3 albums without Mr. Jones on vox.... Why couldn't a certain band with out me? (2 albums and a mere 3 years) Just sayin."
Warren went on to provide an explanation for his departure:
"I got a son that's growing quick to provide for and I don't wanna miss a second of it. I keep it real. I'm workin on some projects here at home, they'll pop up when I get time away from father duties to dig deeper."
Meanwhile, the Oceano camp remains silent on the matter.
UPDATE: Oceano is apparently breaking up after all.

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