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Graven (ex-Swarm of the Lotus) seeks vocalist

Graven, the Baltimore band formed from the ashes of Swarm of the Lotus, is currently looking for a new vocalist. Here's the official word: "WE NEED A VOCALIST. We didn't want to announce this going into the first show, as it might have confused some people as to whether we we're going to play, not play or whatever. We are actively looking for a full-time vocalist and the search starts now. We are playing a few shows instrumental. One last night that went very well and one in December to see if it catches anybody's attention out there that may want to try out. We also recorded the set last night (audio and video) and plan to put that online for much the same reason. Please email us at: for any inquiries. We were practicing with somebody for a while, as some of you may remember, but it just couldn't workout on a full time basis, logistically, etc. We're definitely still looking for the missing link and final touch to fill out our sound. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF INTERESTED! "We only require that you live in or around the Baltimore metro area (where we rehearse) and can make it every other Sunday to practice. We all have kids, etc. so we don't have a crazy practice regiment. Only other thing is to be able to pitch in for rehearsal space rent (very minimal/affordable amount) on a monthly basis and of course be professional. "We have an EP that is completely done except for vocals, we'd like to release it soon and start playing more shows in and around the area. As well as some occasional weekend warrior type touring. If this is you, come on out!"

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