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It Dies Today back in action?

Anybody remember It Dies Today? They were pretty big in the "scene" circa 2005. And although the Buffalo, NY metalcore band never technically broke up, they've all but been on hiatus for the past two years or so. Well, for better or worse, that's apparently about to change. The band's erstwhile dormant Facebook page has suddenly sprung to life in recent weeks. The band (i.e. nameless person in charge of their Facebook account) started by saying the following, "On behalf of all of us, we miss all of you. Many thanks for staying loyal all these years. Hope to bring some rip roarin' news to you soon." Additionally, when one fan asked if the band was still together late last week, the response was as follows: "Yep. Tell your friends and pals. All of them. And then tell their friends who don't know us, to listen good, and tell 20,000 more of their friends to listen better." That same day, when begged to "write a new album and put all of these new weakass fake hardcore bands to rest," It Dies Today responded with, "Working on it." Ok, all of this investigative journalism has left me tired. We'll see what happens.

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