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Aeges (Pelican) debut set for release

Official press release: Post-hardcore band Æges (Aeges) are the new breed of California drifters. The band, which features members of Pelican, Tusk, The Rise, Cutthroats 9, 16, and Shift releases its first EP titled "Roaches" on September 13 via Hawthorne Street Records. Æges grew out of a temporary hiatus of the members' other bands, and the desire to forge ahead into heavier terraine and new material. There's a definite element of desert rock in Æges sound --the low-tuned guitars, the sludgy sun-baked riffs, the deceptive pop hook buried in the molasses-thick instrumentation. Yet the diverse backgrounds of the band members create a unique blend of perspectives and a resultantly fresh sound. The common sonic thread between the four individuals in Æges --their tenure in bands that explored the darker side of hardcore - manifests itself in the aggressive tonalities of their sound. But their divergent paths, both geographical and musical, broadened the emotional palette beyond the angst of their earlier bands. The band has just returned from a West Coast tour with Pelican and played all cities on the Power of the Riff Festival organized by Southern Lord Records. Stay tuned for select dates from this post-hardcore supergroup later on this fall.

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