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All Else Failed set to release new EP

All Else Failed has teamed up with War Torn Records for the release of their new EP, "Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone." Guitarist Patrick Shannon had the following to say: "We here at All Else Failed are happy to announce that our new EP, entitled 'Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone', is on schedule to be released next weekend on War Torn Records. For a while we were considering releasing it ourselves, because in 2011 who needs a label (especially us, who never had the best luck with labels anyway)? Then at our friend's wedding we ran into our old buddy Mike Barone of War Torn and formed a little partnership. The cynical of you can accurately translate that as 'we were running out of money so we asked a friend to help us out.' Luckily with Mike's help the CD-EP will be available in time for our set at the upcoming This Is Hardcore Fest, as well as on several downloading venues of varying legality. As for the music, for some reason I keep comparing it to 'In My God's' in that it is raw, not particularly well thought out at times, noisy, and for the first time since that record we have Mike Bardzik behind the board and Dave Sesso on the mic (lead vocals on the title track). I have been saying that it is 5 of the best songs we have ever done; upon hearing the final mix I think it might be the 5 best songs we have ever done period. Once again we promise that we won't play any of these songs at TIH but we have started talking about the possibility of some dates in the fall to properly support this release, we'll see what becomes of it. Here's the track list: 1. He Is Not Long For This World 2. The Fine Line Between Big Plans And Tall Orders 3. On Crutches 4. Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone 5. Route 3 "Can't wait to see you all next week. If we rock out too hard and break a hip or something, I will be wearing a medical alert bracelet, insert additional 'old men' joke here, etc. etc. etc."

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