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Bury Your Dead's new album set for release

Official press release: Masters of Metalcore Bury Your Dead will release their cataclysmic new album, Mosh 'n' Roll, on August 2 via Mediaskare Records. This is the band's sixth studio album in their decade long career. Bury Your Dead has unleashed a brutal new song, "Bluebeard," exclusively with here. Returning to the mic for the first time since 2007, Mat Bruso leads the band (guitarist Brendan "Slim" MacDonald, and drummer Mark Castillo) through a sonic hailstorm of vicious ferocity on eleven blistering tracks of intense hardcore and metal. "In the years I spent away from Bury Your Dead, I spent a lot of time thinking of all the things I could say on tour or on a record that I can't get away with saying in the real world," explains Bruso. "I would listen to the old stuff and think, "I can't believe that I used to yell this and kids would yell it right back." Doesn't work like that in the real world. I never thought I was the kind of guy who needed to write poetry or lyrics to get by; I just enjoyed doing it. But, I found myself scribbling things down and repeating lines to an imaginary song in my head all day at work, "You're not getting older, you're just getting old," over and over again. I jumped at the chance to get some of these lyrics off my chest, doing guest vocals for Four Year Strong and The Ghost Inside. So when Bury Your Dead asked me if I wanted to do another record, well, fuck yes." Featuring eleven furious hardcore metal anthems like "Slaughterhouse-Five," "Bluebeard" and "Slapstick," and recorded by Shane Frisby (The Ghost Inside) at his The Brick HitHouse studio, Mosh ‘n' Roll recaptures the inflamed spirit of Bury Your Dead's early records as the band dives fist first into the pit for one of the year's most torrential metalcore albums. "This record has some of the heaviest songs Bury Your Dead has ever written, and lyrically it is my favorite," adds Bruso. "Marks feet do all the things we have come to expect them to, and Slim chugs so much, I don't even think his guitar is making notes half the time. The whole thing is written to be played live. It speeds up for two-step parts live and slows the fuck down for some incredibly violent breakdowns. I say some of my favorite things ever. It continues the themes of family and forgiveness, but abandons whinny tour lyrics and is just the most bitter and angry stuff we could muster. I am still Edge, but some of the lyrics she proposed were about drinking and I feel like they worked as metaphor for shitty destructive decisions we all make, and it gets me so pumped just thinking about playing them live." Bury Your Dead has sold over 300,000 albums worldwide and have toured with bands like: Korn, Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, Chimaira, Deftones, Suicide Silence, Stone Sour, Shadows Fall, Cavalera Conspiracy, The Dillinger Escape Plan among many others. The band will be headlining the Over The Limit 2 Tour this summer with Evergreen Terrace, For The Fallen Dreams, In The Midst of Lions, Thick As Blood, Betrayal, Hundredth and Murder Death Kill supporting followed by a headlining European tour in August. Mosh ‘n' Roll track listing: 01. Slaughterhouse-Five 02. Nothing Is Lost Save Honor 03. Bluebeard 04. The Sirens of Titan 05. Deadeye Dick 06. Timequake 07. Sun Moon Star 08. Slapstick 09. Mother Night 10. Jailbird 11. Mosh ‘n' Roll

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