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Trapped Under Ice prepares new album

Baltimore, MD hardcore band Trapped Under Ice will enter the studio in June to begin recording a new full-length titled "Big Kiss Goodnight." The effort will be produced by Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory) and engineered by Paul Miner (Death By Stereo, Terror). A late-fall release via Reaper Records is planned.

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xJigglyPuffx 4/10/2011 8:10:21 PM

Stage dive on him while recording. *Cancels Record*

nahbrahdood 4/10/2011 8:11:49 PM

A "Big Kiss Goodnight" is probably really hard for a broken jaw.

nahbrahdood 4/10/2011 8:13:37 PM

Haha, a International Super Hero of Hardcore producing a record for a band that can't stress enough that's he's not a super hero, so don't jump on his back!

Ray_Lewis_Keith_Buckley 4/10/2011 8:14:20 PM

I am more excited about Krazyfest, and I ain't even goin'.

needssalt 4/10/2011 8:29:06 PM

I say meh.

vanflipx10000 4/10/2011 8:31:52 PM

No care ever. Band/frontman flip

xchouinx 4/10/2011 8:37:05 PM

good news !!

whereiswaldo 4/10/2011 8:42:27 PM

emmure should be on this

shitleech 4/10/2011 9:07:13 PM

Pseudo-tough-guy fighting bandana core

PartyCat 4/10/2011 9:13:34 PM

no care ever

witchxrapist 4/10/2011 9:24:02 PM

I'm gonna swim into the pit when this drops.

elliot 4/10/2011 9:37:03 PM

Expectations should not be set too high, I mean, they're not superheroes, you guys.

the_douche 4/10/2011 9:39:40 PM

good news. id rather have aids than call my album that, but meh, whatever floats your boat

joechops 4/10/2011 9:53:02 PM

hopefully the name of the album is implying that its their last...

brandon_yost 4/10/2011 10:07:16 PM

With such songs as "tripp justice served cold" "stage dives=gang beatings" and "Im so tough I shit talk and suck c-ck", whats not to like? No. Care. Ever.

blankz 4/10/2011 10:18:57 PM

i dont know whats more predictable/cliched: tui's tuff guy act, or the "dont jump on me bro" comments from lambgoat.

xbumpx 4/10/2011 10:43:30 PM

xJigglyPuffx 4/10/2011 8:10:21 PM Stage dive on him while recording. *Cancels Record*

KevinJalmax 4/10/2011 10:44:25 PM


dean_malenko 4/10/2011 11:09:56 PM

I would like to give the lead member a texas clover leaf. Let's see if he can be superman.

Icareverylittle 4/11/2011 12:10:01 AM

Big fail tonight

pauly_d 4/11/2011 12:34:34 AM

Best news all year. fck the shit talkers. TUI TIL I DIE.

xsaucysnatchx 4/11/2011 1:00:35 AM

ruffff justice

xbrokebackmountainx 4/11/2011 1:48:55 AM


ionlyliketheirfirstalbum 4/11/2011 2:44:37 AM

fckin' Dean Malenko.

Stickers 4/11/2011 3:09:59 AM

Can we expect an apology for the on stage spin kick in this album?

Landmine_spring 4/11/2011 3:52:38 AM

NCE til i die.

LoydChristmas 4/11/2011 8:42:21 AM

xJigglyPuffx 4/10/2011 8:10:21 PM Stage dive on him while recording. *Cancels Record*

Throwtheballyes 4/11/2011 9:00:30 AM

Lol at a hardcore band having a "producer"

bubbles100000 4/11/2011 9:03:06 AM

JUSTICE...... has been served.

bonerjam 4/11/2011 9:10:25 AM

an album about beating up kids for jumping on him.

loki 4/11/2011 10:21:05 AM

Trap Thunder Eyes prepares gay album

prettymetal 4/11/2011 10:51:24 AM

you mean "suburban DC hardcord band"...none of this kids are from Baltimore...

GordonBombay 4/11/2011 11:23:42 AM

Quack... quack.... quack, quack, quack!

lolpcelataa 4/11/2011 12:21:39 PM

new found glory is stoked

binghamtonsfinest 4/11/2011 12:54:32 PM

You should post this news where someone would care about this trendy bullshit, like the B9 boards or something!

hardinthepaint 4/11/2011 1:16:03 PM

@ray_lewis_keith...Can I get your ticket?

xroox 4/11/2011 1:17:53 PM

i hate that chad gilbert has to produce everything now days, hopefully justice breaks his jaw in the studio.

jamison7x 4/11/2011 2:30:50 PM

first 3 comments of this FTW.

casketofaids 4/11/2011 3:13:30 PM

Will there be more fan punching on this album....also band fcking blows

HOLDENCAUFIELD 4/11/2011 4:25:57 PM

Yeah, German fans are stoked. fckin retards should just end their career.

fuckingwizard 4/11/2011 8:35:36 PM

band bloooooows

burgundy 4/11/2011 9:42:23 PM

they will record a Jawbreaker cover for this album

MuseumOfScienceHistory 4/12/2011 1:39:31 AM

will listen. yes. will like? not sure..

palmerlcc 4/12/2011 11:31:51 AM

A dude in a hardcore band got in a fight?? shocking. get the fck over it pussies. You people were pro sweatin the fck out of this band before. New album will be awesome I dont care who he fckin hits.

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