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Season of Mist signs Elitist

Season of Mist has officially signed Portland, OR grind/death metal outfit Elitist. The band's debut album should surface in June via Season of Mist's Underground Activists division. "We're all fucking stoked to be a part of the Season of Mist crew," guitarist Taylor comments. "As for Elitist's future... Everything heavier than everything else!" Posting about this signing will probably anger these elitists, because Elitist posted the following via their blog on August 26, 2010: "FUCK LAMBGOAT BLOGGERS.. I fucking passionately hope Elitist is never associated with that goddamn website. Josh and I do occasionally peak at that website to utterly laugh and i mean hysterically laugh at the bands that get signed and the bullshit fucking music they create. The shit kids say about Makh dying is fucking disgraceful.. We all play music to entertain and create. One of our own fucking died, doing the same shit WE DO. And to all the fucks that pretend to go to shows and then go home and get on LAMBGOAT ...YOUR FUCKING DELUSIONAL.. YOU ARE NOTHING.. FUCKING NOTHING. YOU HAVE NOT AND WILL NEVER CREATE ANYTHING WORTH A FLYING FUCK. FUCKKKK LAMBGOAT FOR LETTING THAT SHIT GET BY I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF ITS A PUBLIC SITE HALF OF THEIR POSTERS ARE PATHETIC CUNTS THAT LISTEN TO DEATHCORE BREAKDOWNS STILL AS IF THAT WAS EVER MUSIC???? One day we'll all wake up and realize we dont need myspace, blogs, LAMBGOAT or fucking facebook to get our music heard.. Fuck the world it has nothing to do with metal." For the record, we do attempt to remove over-the-top comments, but we're probably not as diligent as we should be. Regardless, anyone who takes comments on this site with anything more than a grain of salt is a glutton for punishment.

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