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Bury Your Dead frontman quits band

Official press release: Myke Terry continues recording new music as an independent artist in the wake of his unplanned departure as frontman of Bury Your Dead in late-2010. The band, on hiatus since April of 2010, recently began work on a new album to be released on Mediaskare Records. This sudden exit is the outcome of stalled contract negotiations between Bury Your Dead founder, Slim, and Mediaskare Records, which after careful review by Terry's management team, were not in his best interest. Mediaskare, unwilling to renegotiate with Terry, instead made a decision they arguably were not in a position to make, and hired Mat Bruso (Bury Your Dead's previous vocalist) to complete the record. His exit from the band leaves Myke free to focus on his forthcoming solo material that will feature not only his songwriting but also his musicianship. The project is sure to please anyone that was a fan of his work with Bury Your Dead, new listeners will appreciate its balance of rock and soul while finding the depth of an established artist in Myke Terry's music. Terry also plans to collaborate outside the rock genre, further expanding his musical breadth. In response, Terry had this to say: "After spending over three years with Bury Your Dead, becoming a family, and almost losing our lives together I would think that we would all have each other's backs better than this. I never thought someone who hadn't sweat, bled, or cried with us would have the power to dictate the inner workings of our band. I'd like to thank everyone that bought a Bury Your Dead CD, came to a show, or played with us for making the past few years of my life so amazing and I look forward to my future as a solo artist. I'm sure everyone who has ever chanted 'bring Back Bruso' is now stoked for his return." For the latest information on Myke's project, visit and subscribe to his RSS feed, follow him on Twitter (@therealmyketerry).

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