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Swarm Of The Lotus shelved, new band formed

Last time we heard from Swarm Of The Lotus (nearly a year ago), they were working on a new album. Plans have changed in the interim as the band has gone on an "indefinite hiatus." However, the majority of its members have now launched a new, as-yet-titled band. Here's the official word: "We wanted to make an official announcement that SOTL is on indefinite hiatus. I guess we felt that we got everything we could out of the reunion for now. It was fun to get together again and play some shows. Jon-John joined another band back in the summer and is keeping busy with that, so be on the lookout for him with that project. We wish him well. As for the remaining three members (Chris, Bob and Pete), we wish to continue with the path that the new SOTL material was heading and have subsequently resituated and are going to keep playing and have since late summer. However, we are not going on as 'Swarm of the Lotus.' We didn't want to make the mistake the band made in the past with continuing under the same name despite different personnel. And being this was basically the original line-up, we feel it would be doing the band and Jon a disservice to keep using that name. If we ever decide to reunite as Swarm again to play a show here or there in the future, we will let you know! "So, like we said, the three of us that remain are starting a brand new band, with new material, playing none of the recorded catalogue of SOTL. As of today, we have no name and won't until we have the other people we need to complete the band and name it as a collective, rather then anybody feeling they are joining something already established. This is where you may come in? We are looking for a bass player and a vocalist! The band's configuration so far is Chris on drums and Pete and Bob on guitar. It took us a few months to get readjusted but we have been practicing and writing and have even made a recording which we are launching online today, along with this announcement. If you dig what you hear, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. Either through this page here or through the new band's Facebook page (The Band That Shall Not Be Named) or email.

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