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The Chariot signs with Good Fight Music

After releasing three albums with Solid State Records, Georgia's The Chariot has signed with Good Fight Music. The group's first release for the label will be their new full-length, "Long Live," which will hit stores on November 23rd. The effort was produced by Matt Goldman (Underoath, Four Letter Lie) and teaser video can be seen below:
"This is easily my favorite material that we have ever written for an album," says vocalist Josh Scogin. "I believe it is the most passionate release we have ever done, as well as the most impulsive. All of our records have a very spontaneous pulse to them, the songs are always in a constant state of evolving and growing, but for the songs for Long Live, we literally just let go. It was a very natural process and I think that comes across in the music."


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needhope 10/4/2010 5:21:38 PM

first post. stoked, don't care.

poop 10/4/2010 5:36:41 PM

The Slipknot of metalcore.

sperm 10/4/2010 5:38:56 PM

shit band / shit label / shit fans

mattftf 10/4/2010 5:40:23 PM

gonna go out on a limb and say poop and sperm are the same person. anyways, STOKED.

djunior 10/4/2010 5:48:09 PM

not so sure about the label, but i will without a doubt give this a listen

WUTWUTWUT 10/4/2010 5:57:48 PM

congrats carl, great move!

xgambloatx 10/4/2010 6:24:51 PM

Solid band. Good for them. The text in this video looks like an 8th grader with Windows Movie Maker created it.

tuff 10/4/2010 6:29:06 PM

GO CHARIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

GoatFaceKillah 10/4/2010 6:36:26 PM

NO CAREIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chicken_gang_bang 10/4/2010 6:42:29 PM

not good music

Manofdefeat 10/4/2010 6:53:28 PM

I'm looking forward to this release.

Stupid_News_Poster 10/4/2010 7:03:56 PM

This band fcking sucks.

LoydChristmas 10/4/2010 8:26:28 PM

GoatFaceKillah 10/4/2010 6:36:26 PM NO CAREIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win!

internalwar 10/4/2010 8:39:24 PM

This band deserves nothing

plaguestricken 10/4/2010 9:30:50 PM this band.

TheVillain 10/4/2010 10:39:11 PM

Norma Jean v2

Alaboma 10/5/2010 2:35:46 AM

that new NJ record is actually pretty good.

metalmetal 10/5/2010 9:20:05 AM

Decent band. good luck

duffman21 10/5/2010 11:55:05 AM

jesus christ is stoked! this video should be called Christians Behaving Badly...

TheBearKing 10/5/2010 12:56:44 PM

I'm excited for this. It's gonna be the shit. fck the haters.

mindlessmindless 10/5/2010 2:33:04 PM

good band... excited for the new record

TheAwfulDin 10/6/2010 12:35:23 AM

love The Chariot

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