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Hessfest 2002 put on hold

This year's Hessfest 2002, brainchild of artist Derek Hess, has been put on hold for an unspecified amount of time as organizers try to get things in order. Here is statement from Hessfest camp regarding recent events and the delay: "Until last Thursday, we here at the Hessfest camp were busying ourselves on a daily basis to get Hessfest on the road. The line-up was solid, the venues were all but confirmed, then it happened. The call came in that a key act had dropped off our tour to go out opening for a weak metal band. Word circulated, and the domino effect ensued. Another large band dropped off the tour, no official reasons were given. More importantly, Derek felt the tour was moving away from what his vision has always been - exposing new, upcoming bands and artists to people seeking something other than what monopolized radio stations and music TV has to offer. In essence, Derek knew the integrity of the event was being compromised. It was time to put HessFest 2002 on pause. We needed to take a step back and reassess what this event was all about in the first place. We needed to get Derek at the helm and get back to the original concept of the tour--the successful pairing of art and music for the sake of art and music. ALL IS NOT LOST! We still have commitments from some amazing bands who share the same vision and concept of what Hessfest is all about. We have a killer traveling gallery, great visual artists touring with Hessfest and an awesome hardcore/punk flyer exhibit from the late 70's early 80's all ready to go on the road - it just looks like it will be later rather than sooner. We do apologize to all the bands, fans and everyone else who has been working and waiting for this tour. Be patient, put on your seat belt and hold on tight."


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