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Wretched completes new album

Official press release: Wretched has completed their new album, "Beyond the Gate," which is set to be released on August 3rd, 2010 through Victory Records. The album will feature a piece written and orchestrated by new guitarist John Vail, and performed by the University of South Carolina Symphony Orchestra. The album will also feature guest appearances by Jesse Clasen of Charlotte, NC band Harvard, Andy Lynn on violin, and Randy Nashleanas on cello. The album follows a story written entirely by vocalist Billy Powers: "Beyond the Gate is the story of an alchemist named Sylvester Alédoe who successfully opens the portal to which he thinks is the alternate world known as Shamballa. Ending up in the central realm of Uraitahn, consisting of a thick poisonous miasma that no mortal shell can withstand, his body is seized by the forces inside the gate while his soul is cast aside to wander throughout the lands eternally. It is not until Sylvester collects himself and beckons with the guardians of Uraitahn that he can return to his home, Xzorian. From there he can retrieve the last Talisman of Xzorian and either surrender it to the guardians or destroy Uraitahn with its extraordinary power." The track listing is as follows: 01. Birthing Sloth 02. The Deed of Elturiel 03. In the Marrow 04. A Still Mantra 05. Cimmerian Shamballa 06. On the Horizon 07. Part I - Aberration 08. Part II - Beyond The Gate 09. My Carrion 10. The Guardians of Uraitahn 11. The Talisman 12. Eternal Translucence A track from the effort can be streamed here.

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