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GridLink enters studio

Official press release: GridLink, (if not) everyone's favorite active grindcore outfit (then it should be), are currently planted firmly at Technical Ecstasy Studios in New Jersey to record their second full-length for Hydra Head Records. GridLink's debut certified their position at the top of a field most bands need years to climb, but then, let's not forget that their pedigree all but demanded that they take that position. Jon Chang fronted the much name checked Discordance Axis, guitarist Takafumi Matsubara honed his technique in Japan's Mortalized, (together Chang and Matsubara also make up half of Hayaino Daisuki) and drummer Bryan Fajardo was hand picked for his years behind the kit in Phobia and Kill The Client. And now, with album numero two, the band one-ups themselves by adding... get this... half of Human Remans to the batter. Ted Patterson (also of Burnt By The Sun) picks up the bass for this tour of duty, and guitarist Steve Procopio (also Discordance Axis' touring guitarist) rounds out the now five-piece GridLink in a way that we can only expect this new album to be every single bit of absolutely fucking awesome that we think its going to be. Never one to mince words, Chang kept the details close. What we can confirm, though, is this: the album is called "Orphan" and the band has "12 songs in the can."

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