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Isis, Melvins split set for release

The split 12" from Isis and Melvins has now been slated for a July 13th release via Hydra Head Records. The split will feature two songs from each band. The Isis tracks are amongst the last recorded output to be released by the band. Both were recorded during sessions for the band's "Wavering Radiant" album. Meanwhile, Melvins' contribution is comprised of two tracks from their latest full-length, "The Bride Screamed Murder." However, said tracks have been remixed and "reworked." Here's the track listing: Melvins side: 1. Pig House (Alt. Version) (5:53) 2. I'll Finish You Off (Alt. Version) (4:44) Isis side: 1. Way Through Woven Branches (6:27) 2. The Pliable Foe (7:43)

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