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Arsis rejoined by ex-bassist

Official press release: Bassist Noah Martin, who announced his departure from Virginia's melodic/technical death metal band Arsis in September 2008, proudly announces his return to the band's line-up. The band were currently on the "Facemelter Tour" with Dying Fetus, Misery Index, and Conducting From The Grave when bassist Nathaniel Carter abruptly left. The band has released the following official statement: "So it's true that we have been playing as a three piece for a few gigs. Nat is out and if you want the real story come to a show and ask us, because trust me, that is much more fun and potentially colorful than reading it in an officially sanctioned and sanitized press statement. But this is a problem of very small gravity because we are inevitable and by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight we will be rejoined by our very dear friend and long-missed colleague ... (insert drum roll here) ... the immortal Noah Martin is back in our traveling circle of insanity! We will be turning the hell up to 11 in New Mexico tonight!" Martin added: "Since leaving Arsis, I've been back in Virginia, finishing up my bachelor's degree. I'm still enrolled in college, so I'm kinda in the same boat as Mike [Van Dyne, drummer] as far as playing live goes. It's tough to stay away from what you love and know so well. For me, making music with James Malone means listening to obscure ‘80s metal, staying in seedy hotels, peeing in wrecked trailers, playing with Dutchstep, and singing like King Diamond. It feels good to be back in the fold, to make music with my friends. Good times."

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