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Evergreen Terrace guitarist starts new band

Official press release: Josh James (Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones) has started a new acoustic-based band called Me and Mark. Based out of Jacksonville, Fla., the group has self released a 4-song EP that is available for purchase/digital download here. Me and Mark is leaps and bounds away from James' other bands and reveals his pop songwriting skills. "This is a different style than I'm used to writing, but it comes naturally and is a lot of fun," James said. “The songs are about stuff everyone goes through. I think that's why we've gotten such a great response so far. Plus we're not afraid to say things most are only thinking." Me and Mark keep it fresh with a new brand of pop/punk/rock that will have even the most loyal Evergreen Terrace fans singing along. With humorous songs like "Hey Is For Horses, And You're A Horse" that poke fun at modern-day hipsters to classic break-up songs like "My Friends Say," fans are already praising this EP as the latest edition for the soundtrack of life.

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