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God Forbid news and notes

God Forbid's Doc Coyle (guitar, vocals) has issued a lengthy update regarding the band: "It's been quite some time since I've given some type of update on what the GF crew has been up to, and thought it would be appropriate to awaken from information hibernation. We been home from tour for about 2 weeks, and have had ample time to decompress. "So to catch up, I have to take you back a few months. It was early January 2010, and we had just played our first show in months, a one-off local gig, and were resuming writing new material after the holidays when we received an offer to do a tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Shadows Fall to replace Throwdown who had dropped off. This was only a week before the tour started, but we decided to throw caution to wind and jump on the tour. It was definitely worth it. I'd say 90% of the shows were sold out, and in many cases were playing rooms too small for the tour. Kudos to FFDP for going to bat for us, and bringing us out. It was definitely a very different tour for us. Probably the most mainstream thing we've done except for maybe Ozzfest, but we actually went over extremely well. It was nice to get out to a totally different audience, even if many people didn't know we were playing because we were added last minute. It was also great to hang with our old friends in Shadows Fall, and get to know and party with our new friends in 2 Cents. "We had about a week off before we were scheduled to start another tour focused mainly in the northeast with Kittie. I really didn't know what to expect considering we were coming from different scenes musically, but the tour went really well. Let me say that Kittie are really some of the coolest, down to earth, fun bands to tour with. We had a blast and engaged in more than a few drunken shenanigans. They also kick ass live! I was blown away by how hard they rocked out and how good they sounded. Periphery opened the first half of the tour and they are really one of the best new bands around and nicest guys I've met in this industry. Also, the craziest gearheads. I got tons of tips. Gwen Stacy opened the 2nd half and really brought a lot of energy and and a great attitude to the tour. "So now we're home, and I can say that the official touring cycle for the Earthsblood album is over, although we will be doing some shows here and there (Like our gig in Long Island, NY May 22nd at the Crazy Donkey) and may make an exception if something that we can't say no to comes up. Although it was a crazy year with Dallas leaving, it was possibly our most successful cycle on a touring front which is an amazing thing after all these years. Just to be able to go out and play in front of thousands of people everyday is a real privilege and a blessing. "Now we immerse ourselves back in the writing process for the next God Forbid album for an unknown record label as our contact with Century Media has ended. It's always difficult to tell how a new album will sound this early in the process, but I can say that our new guitar player Matt Wicklund is contributing tons of material. His stuff is very hook oriented with a Scandinavian twinge. The stuff I've been writing has been varied from evil Morbid Angels, black metal shit to mid tempo/power groove Machine Head type stuff, and signature GF material that is a logical progression from our previous albums. The process has changed with all of the touring and space between members, there's been more writing and demoing on our own. I'm finally utilizing technology. It's cool. I like it a little more than recording my out of time riffs into a tape recorder with my old Peavey practice amp. Now it's Garageband, Line 6 tone port and EZ Drummer. I may yet still become a professional. "I'm going to sign off. I bid everyone well in 2010. It's been a crazy year for me so far, but it really has been great, so I'm extremely positive about the prospects on the horizons."

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