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Fucked Up sued for defamation

Come on people! Following a blog post in which they were none too kind to Thriller Energy Drinks, Fucked Up is now being sued by the company for defamation. According to the band, "It's not a big case, so it's not a huge deal, but it is a chilling reminder of what can happen when artists speak out about certain issues." In the aforementioned blog post, Fucked Up had several unflattering things to say about Thriller, including the following: "While all the companies we've mentioned in this article up to this point have been ones we've worked with on multiple occations, and hope to do in the future, and admire, we can say with force that Thriller Energy Drinks is a bullshit company and we won't be working with them ever again." The "Complaint For Defamation" court document can be viewed here.

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