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Mastodon, BTBAM, Baroness tour announced

Details have been announced for Mastodon's spring U.S. tour, which will also feature Between The Buried And Me, Baroness, and Valient Thorr. Confirmed dates include: 4/16 Charleston, SC @ Music Farm 4/17 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater 4/18 Richmond, VA @ The National 4/20 Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head 4/21 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom 4/22 Hartford, CT @ Webster 4/23 Worcester, MA @ Palladium 4/24 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground 4/26 Pittsburgh, PA @ Palace Theater 4/27 Rochester, NY @ Water Street 4/29 Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Room 4/30 Indianapolis, IN @ Vogue 5/1 Columbia, MO @ Blue Note 5/3 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater 5/4 Tucson, AZ @ Rialto 5/5 San Diego, CA @ House Of Blues 5/7 Pomona, CA @ Fox 5/8 Oakland, CA @ TBA 5/9 Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory 5/10 Eugene, OR @ McDonald Theater 5/11 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory 5/13 Billings, MT @ The Shrine 5/14 Fargo, ND @ The Venue 5/15 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Hall 5/16 Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Hall 5/18 Madison, WI @ Orpheum 5/19 Urbana, IL @ Canopy Club 5/20 Memphis, TN @ Minglewood 5/21 Knoxville, TN @ Valarium 5/22 Lexington, KY @ Busters


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youvegotanotherthingcomin 2/8/2010 8:41:45 AM

fck, stop skipping Canada jerk bands!

believeinapathy 2/8/2010 8:58:06 AM

Hell yeah, finally going t see BTBAM live :D

BASTARD 2/8/2010 9:20:09 AM

Impending Doom is stoked!

NamelessSHIT 2/8/2010 9:25:48 AM

Mastodon's new songs are bullshit! that band sucks just like the whole bunch of that tour, stay out of canada and everythings gonna be okay.... tours in canada are so horrible these days

Seamonster 2/8/2010 9:30:47 AM

BTBAM's new CD is da b0mb

the_smile_that_kills 2/8/2010 9:36:23 AM

very few quality tours roll through canada, unless you live in toronto or vancouver

horseheadxbookends 2/8/2010 9:41:24 AM

unfortunately mastodon is going to play the whole crack the skye album once again...ughhh

mega_dan 2/8/2010 10:05:21 AM

I think BTBAM and Baroness will be worth sitting through Mastodon for.

badaxe 2/8/2010 10:20:14 AM

Awesome tour.

plaguestricken 2/8/2010 10:22:12 AM

surprisingly, i dont care much about this.

asaf 2/8/2010 10:26:29 AM

You wouldn't sit through mastadon to see BTBAM and Baroness, stooge. You'd sit through the two to see Mastodon is how it's going to happen.

nicerdicer 2/8/2010 10:46:42 AM

i saw mastodon last time they came to canada and wasn't too impressed. it was like listening to a cover band play crack the skye and having a dying cat on vocals. stoners will be stoked and repeat how "incredible" everything is though

VagueIllusions 2/8/2010 10:56:10 AM

BTBAM is fcking amazing live. Will be there on 4/23 and leave right after their set.

nahbrahdood 2/8/2010 10:59:35 AM


tony_stewart 2/8/2010 11:00:37 AM

seen both Mastodon and BTBAM and they both where really good live, 4/27 get wrecked sun

imcoolyournot 2/8/2010 11:07:12 AM

Oh my god this is gonna be a damn good show!!! Get fcked 5/16

the_beard 2/8/2010 11:24:24 AM

Take BTBAM out of the equation and this will be sick! Looks like I am driving too South Carolina.

fuckthisband 2/8/2010 11:48:33 AM

Mastodon is pretty fcking boring but this is a sweet line-up anyway.

stevebazzano777 2/8/2010 11:55:08 AM

btbam ftw :D

TheBearKing 2/8/2010 11:57:33 AM

Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Saber Tooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus!

NamelessSHIT 2/8/2010 12:11:44 PM

................ die

Fur_Beach 2/8/2010 12:26:17 PM

will be at 5/9

Unstoppable 2/8/2010 1:40:04 PM

believeinapathy 2/8/2010 8:58:06 AM Hell yeah, finally going t see BTBAM live :D

oldirtybastard 2/8/2010 1:42:07 PM

btbam live? Well...if you like songs that are too long and are played by people who don't move, or look like they care, then you will love them live.

Cubicle_Gangster 2/8/2010 1:50:25 PM

Hell to the fcking yes!

notorious_dob 2/8/2010 2:21:22 PM

5/8 will be there

casketofaids 2/8/2010 2:29:06 PM

Hey look another bad tour posted on lambgoat

mikage 2/8/2010 2:48:50 PM

4/23, come beat me up

gayblowjobs 2/8/2010 2:58:12 PM

Baroness and Mastodon are fcking awesome. 4/24, will be there.

Jiddles 2/8/2010 3:08:21 PM

NO FL OR GA?! fck OFF.

waddya_mean_eugene 2/8/2010 3:08:23 PM

Shavo is stoked

DeathComesRipping 2/8/2010 3:19:39 PM


jtizzle 2/8/2010 3:23:00 PM

fck btbam for skipping fl. no care for the rest, unless its mastodon from a few years back.

BONER_JAMZ 2/8/2010 4:35:01 PM

will be there with pillow and blanket.. snoozeville.

GorillaTriscuits 2/8/2010 5:15:05 PM

very xcited to se Baroness 4/21.

wasted_life 2/8/2010 5:21:25 PM

baroness isnt enough to make me pay 30 bucks for this in oakland.

fukuimdrunk 2/8/2010 6:55:41 PM

huge boner for this, maybe minus the baroness

the_mouth_ofthe_machine 2/8/2010 7:02:57 PM

the fck? no ga date??

cvk74 2/8/2010 7:13:33 PM

4-29, ill be there.

bukkakechamp 2/8/2010 7:18:14 PM

no florida dates :'(

chicken_gang_bang 2/8/2010 7:28:03 PM

probably go 5/9

tonelli 2/8/2010 8:36:32 PM

why not philly?????

imcoolyournot 2/8/2010 11:50:29 PM

olddirtybastard your a fcking idiot. I bet you didn't realize that bands play music, with instruments even! If you want movement go to a fcking dance recital

tzaz2507 2/9/2010 9:32:43 AM

masterbate > mastodon

wildcard_charlie 2/9/2010 12:26:40 PM

4/20 B'more Will be There! :D

TuckPendelton 2/10/2010 12:51:48 AM

Spokane, but no Seattle!? Why the fck do those rednecks get to see Baroness, but I don't? I'm going to buy a van and flip it myself.

RickRock 2/10/2010 10:46:56 AM

Will go for Mastodon and Baroness, will leave to get shitty Baltimore chinese food during Between the Boring and Me.

gibfunk 2/10/2010 2:51:33 PM

Fargo and Billings? No central Fla. shows or any Fla dates at all? What fcking lame shit is this? If I haven't already seen BTBAM 3 times I would be really pissed.

cherith_cutestory 2/10/2010 6:05:46 PM

fck yeah! 4:20 in baltimore. smoke more weed.

SonOF 2/10/2010 7:08:12 PM

Beardo-fest 2010. Looks good.

joshuamiasma 2/13/2010 5:07:36 PM

Valient Thor is still a band? What?

onemoremotherfucker 2/15/2010 8:09:08 PM

Figures...they skip Ohio. This would have been a good show too. Especially if it did not cost $55 like last time Mastodon toured thru here.

metalmusician69 5/11/2010 5:41:00 PM

No TX dates???? what the fck...

disgustipated 5/16/2010 7:52:53 PM

what the fck motherfcker. no florida, no care.

jackkempsangryghost 6/15/2010 12:52:39 PM

fcking FARGO but not Minneapolis?

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