NewsDecember 28, 2009 1:42 PM ET20,338 views

As Blood Runs Black's new singer quits band

Just weeks after being introduced as the group's new singer, As Blood Runs Black vocalist Jonny McBee has apparently left the band for unspecified reasons. McBee reportedly had the following to say via an online post within the last 24 hours: "Im leaving ABRB. I'm not happy to any extent being here with these guys. It's not at all what me, or anyone would expect. I will be home tomorrow." Please note, this news has yet to be confirmed officially. Strangely, the band issued a new demo track featuring McBee over the weekend. Though mixed, the reaction amongst their fans appears to be less than stellar. Could the feedback have motivated McBee's departure? Update: McBee has since provided Lambgoat with the following statement: "The reason I left As Blood Runs Black is conflicting personalities. I am straight edge, they are not, and many other things. I will keep doing music with my own project The Browning. I wish the best of luck ABRB as they continue work on their new album."

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