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Maruta news and notes

Maruta singer Mitchell Luna has issued an update regarding the group, including some personnel changes: "Some of you have noticed that Maruta has been a bit inactive since June of this year, so I figured I would take the liberty of filling everyone that cares in on what the hell we have been up to, and what our status is. "Unfortunately Nick Augusto is no longer taking care of drum duties for Maruta. This is pretty much due to the fact that he has is too busy playing drums for Trivium now. We have some strong candidates to go in and do session drums for the new record, but no one to enlist as a full-time drummer as of yet. Feel free to contact us here if interested ( Preferably someone over 21 years of age, and willing to tour. "With that said, we would like to welcome our good friend Mauro Cordoba on bass to the newest incarnation of Maruta. His personality and musicianship has definitely breathed some new life into our semi-jaded lungs. He plays for a grindcore band down here called Dolphin splatter, and fits right in with us and our brand of metallic grind. This will be the first time the band has a bass player, expect it to sound crushing. "The new record is entirely written, just making some small tweaks here and there to the songs and recording demo versions. More news on that to come in the near future. "We hope to be back in full force in 2010, we also have some loose plans of making it over to Europe (finally) as well as south/central America."

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