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Unearth to headline Atticus Metal Tour 2

Official press release: Unearth has been selected as the headliner for the second installment of the highly successful Atticus Metal Tour. The tour is slated for the spring of 2010 and will feature support from Stick To Your Guns, Veil Of Maya, The Ghost Inside, Carnifex, and Your Demise on select dates. More special guest are TBA as well as tour dates, poster, etc. will be announced in the coming weeks.


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pseudoxme 12/21/2009 7:35:47 PM

Holy gay, BATMAN!

pseudoxme 12/21/2009 7:36:43 PM

In hindsight, I would go to this. Nevertheless, holy gay, Batman to Carnifex and Your Demise.

ChiTownsComa 12/21/2009 7:39:56 PM

Al b says great for VOM

stooooopid 12/21/2009 7:40:35 PM

Kick off Carnifex and Your Demise and this would an OK tour. Not great. But OK.

casketofaids 12/21/2009 7:45:53 PM

Pretty bad....

rochesterian 12/21/2009 7:55:33 PM

Carnifex is still a band? fcking lol. Vanflip, gays.

fukuimdrunk 12/21/2009 8:49:42 PM

Holy fck, news about a good tour,kudos.

posiemofaggotscenekiller 12/21/2009 8:51:09 PM

wow this looks good. should be nobody in attendance. you gotta book good bands to make something susccesfull. duh

ItStinks 12/21/2009 9:17:51 PM

posiemogayscenekiller 12/21/2009 8:51:09 PM wow this looks good. should be nobody in attendance. you gotta book good bands to make something susccesfull. duh <- hahaha

xgabex 12/21/2009 9:45:22 PM

no one is getting a buy out on this one

baker 12/21/2009 9:58:58 PM

Canada better happen. Ottawa mainly.

deadendroadz1 12/21/2009 10:09:45 PM

awesome. haven't seen unearth or carnifex for a while.

KevinJordan 12/21/2009 10:25:06 PM

The Ghost Inside is always on the sickest support tours!

tim_curry 12/21/2009 10:29:34 PM


Apomd00d 12/21/2009 11:17:54 PM

this tour is awesome. everyone on here is such a hater. stfu already. you guys hate on everything on this site. excited to see veil of maya and the ghost inside!

xdumbcorex 12/21/2009 11:49:35 PM

better than last years lineup

Turd_Furgeson 12/22/2009 12:02:09 AM

Will go for Your Demise, Fight me. Emmure should be on this... again.

nocarefest 12/22/2009 12:27:56 AM

KevinJordan is stoked. Grab your ankles.

BONER_JAMZ 12/22/2009 12:41:53 AM must be new here. grow a dick gay. this tour is god fcking awful.

Kngdeuce 12/22/2009 2:01:47 AM


BASTARD 12/22/2009 3:39:07 AM

carnifex playing under ghost inside? wow...Bummer

xallheartx 12/22/2009 3:40:58 AM

Unearth sucks now the rest of the bands are good though

alangreenspan 12/22/2009 3:54:30 AM

Good fcking god, all of you news only gays are terrible. Get fcking killed, all of you in this thread.

Diabolical 12/22/2009 6:37:19 AM

Impending Doom is stoked!

pork_destroyer 12/22/2009 6:42:43 AM

i bet the one of the special guests is emmure,tour fcking sucks

Drifter 12/22/2009 9:04:34 AM

I was just thinking that it would have been awesome if the Atticus brand had been big back around the same time that that band Finch was popular, so that they could have sponsored them... the Atticus Finch tour, get it? .... Boo Radley? ...

stevebazzano777 12/22/2009 9:31:32 AM

unearth, veil of mayaq ftw

ted_nuge 12/22/2009 11:00:00 AM

Glad to see Unearth headlinin this!! Cash money sons

IG88b 12/22/2009 11:31:47 AM

Does Unearth even draw anymore? I heard Dr. Acula is doing better! Hahahaha

analblowjobs 12/22/2009 11:44:03 AM

eh, don't think this is worth staying for unearth.

MuseumOfScienceHistory 12/22/2009 11:50:48 AM

@bonerjamz stfu carnifex is dank and this tour is pretty good except for your demise

cubs7379 12/22/2009 12:06:01 PM

fckkkkk ghost INside Brott000allllXxxXXx022 scene gay c-m cuzzling gays

julio_isnt_really_stoked 12/22/2009 1:08:09 PM

sick tour, hope it comes around tx

TheBearKing 12/22/2009 1:22:25 PM

Stick to your Guns is gay shit. The rest of the tour isn't too bad. I'll probably be at the Michigan date that they won't book.

inthepathoftitans 12/22/2009 1:42:09 PM

whats the deal with shitty tours lately?

buttfucking 12/22/2009 3:54:10 PM

soo gross.. quit already

fartsss 12/22/2009 7:57:45 PM

You know you've failed as a band when Stick To Your Guns is your direct support band!! OUCH!

ascendeanevil 12/22/2009 10:20:53 PM

"TheBearKing wants The Devil Wears Prada Tour" This whole thing fckin sucks.

crow_t_robot 12/22/2009 11:53:22 PM

Apomd00d 12/21/2009 11:17:54 PM this tour is awesome. everyone on here is such a hater. stfu already. you guys hate on everything on this site. yeah, no shit sherlock.

VynterBorn 12/23/2009 7:02:10 AM

If it was "Oncoming Storm" era Unearth, I might have gone.

jsh1986 12/23/2009 11:09:40 AM

Will go for STYG and The Ghost Inside....

Awakenthealchemist 12/23/2009 1:57:10 PM

only going for veil, Carnifail is just too cool for everyone now

TZAZ2507 12/23/2009 8:30:23 PM

theres nothing actually good left in existence really so this is what were stuck with, remember when shows didnt suck...

pongo_pigmayis 12/23/2009 9:17:04 PM

how can anybody say this tour is at all good? holy shit.

cabal 12/24/2009 8:59:41 AM

This tour sucks and isn't metal.

moshyurface 12/28/2009 2:11:17 PM

if unearth was still in their "Stings Of Conscience" era i'd be really pumped. new shit is kinda boring. Veil Of Maya is a really sic. the ghost inside is good, a lil generic, but still fun to listien to.

Dr00lin_55 12/29/2009 9:01:47 AM

Miss May I is stoked.

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