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Hands drops off tour

Hands has dropped off the remainder of their tour with We Were Gentlemen and In The Midst Of Lions, who will continue the tour. Here's a statement from the band: "We regret to inform you that we are dropping off the last couple of weeks of The Humanoids tour. Our reason is simple. From the beggining this tour has been plauged by cancellations that have resulted in rediculously long, gas guzzling drives. We have been losing money hand over fist trying to finnish this thing out. But sitting in Waco, Texas with dwindling finances and staring down the barrel of a 26 hour drive to Florida to shoot a video, play a handfull of shows on the east coast only to have to drive another 28 hours home... we have decided to cut our losses and head home. "It really sucks to have to do this, it wasn't an easy choice. But at the end of the day the numbers dictated our actions. We don't play rock and roll to get rich, but we don't play it to go into debt either! "All of that having been said we are really bummed to not be seeing our East Coast friends on this trip but In The Midst Of Lions and We Were Gentlemen are still going to be finishing out the tour so you should all go out to the shows and support those bands. We have had a really great time with them over the past few weeks and are happy to count them as friends. Go buy some shirts and CD's to help them end things on a high note. "Despite the short notice, we have had several friends help us set up a few shows on the way home to help make ends meet. We will be playing a basement show in Kansas City tomorrw, on Friday we will be playing in Sioux City, South Dakota, and Saturday we are jumping on a show in Watertown, South Dakota with Something Stereo, Touch Me! Touch You!, In Search of Atlantis, A Bright Idea. We'll have details posted for those shows by the end of the day. These are going to be really fun and intimate shows... one of a kind... get there early to request your favorite song! "Thanks to everyone who came out to rock or put us up on one our many days off on this tour. You made a extremely poorly put together run bearable and we won't forget your hospitality. For those of you who we didn't get to... be patient... we will make it to you! Thanks again, and keep checking back for new announcements! We have some really cool stuff in store for early 2010 and you aren't going to want to miss it. Also... THE VIDEO SHOOT FOR WILLMAR, MINNESOTA IS STILL ON! So be sure to get there. We are going to film the entire show professionally with multiple HD cameras and we really want you to be a part of it! See you soon!"

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