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Cave In to release 'Planets of Old' CD/DVD

Official press release (Hydra Head Records): I know we told you that "Planets of Old" was a vinyl only release, but then something happened. Well, several things happened: Cave In wound up with some real buttery footage of the band's reemergence in Allston, Mass, HHR was alerted to the fact that alternative versions to some of the tracks on the 12" existed, and then of course the rationalization that maybe people will still buy a CD if said CD is packaged with a DVD. Downloading videos through rapidshare still takes just a little too long, you know what I mean, and, yeah, we're gonna try and capitalize on that a bit. If this is the first time you've heard anything about this project, "Planets of Old" is Cave In's already acclaimed comeback EP, the first new material in nearly four years! The thing is genuinely jam-packed with bona fide jammers and the like, discernible proof that these gentlemen haven't missed a step during their absence and that music, in the general metaphorical sense, still hasn't caught up with them. Bold, but true. The CD/DVD release will be available on January 26th. "Planets of Old" CD/DVD track listing: CD: 01. Cayman Tongue 02. Retina Sees Rewind 03. The Redtrail 04. Air Escapes DVD: 01. Luminance 02. Retina Sees Rewind 03. Moral Eclipse 04. Juggernaut 05. Dark Driving 06. The Red Trail 07. Cayman Tongue 08. Trepanning 09. Air Escapes 10. Summit Fever 11. Vicious Circles 12. Big Riff 13. Inflatable Dream

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